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“The Law Offices of Andres Montejo, Esq. is the best Mortgage Modification law firm. They were able to settle my debts at substantial discounts and were even able to have a $4,250 debt completely forgiven!”
Daniel M.
Daniel M.
“Thank you very much for giving my family and I a fresh financial start through your hard work and experience.”
Leo G.
Leo G.
Great Lawyer. He really cares about his clients. I was so happy to be represented by him! I will recommend you to anyone in need. Thanks Mr. Montejo

What do we do to defend your lawsuit?

As a legal professional we know the Rules of Civil Procedure, so we make sure that the complaint was filed according to the Rules.

In some cases, we can get cases dismissed if they didn’t follow the rules.

We look at the method of Service, and also examine if there were any violation there. In some cases we can quash service of process, and make them serve you again.

Creditors have to follow the guidelines established by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. If a creditor violates any of the rules of the Act, we may be able to counterclaim the party that is suing you and recover damages that may set off all or part of their claim.

We will examine with you if the amount owed is actually charges that you made. Many times we will see that some or all of the balance are a product of unauthorized activity, and in cases like that we can get the whole case dismissed.

Sometimes the debt has been sold to a collection company and therefore the Plaintiff has to prove that they have a right to sue under the original creditors account.

Other times we find that debtors have actually made payments, but these payments are not reflected on the account, and you have a right to a setoff.

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Who is Andres Montejo?

Businessman in Front of Bookshelf

Attorney Andres Montejo

Attorney Andres Montejo

has been helping clients in similar situations for years. He knows what to look for. He knows how to defend these cases, and he has been successful in helping folks.

After your lawsuit has been initiated, you will receive lots of correspondence (people buy data from different sources that tells them when a lawsuit has been filed) of people trying to help you. Don’t be fooled, you can’t afford to lose more money with many predators trying to give you different solutions.

You need a good, ethical, and reasonable attorney that knows and understands these types of lawsuits to help you.

  • You have to take action, and not just cave in.

  • Even if we find that you have no valid defenses, we can help you with other ways.

  • Bankruptcy may be a way to help you get completely out of debt and at the same time stop a credit card lawsuit on its tracks

“Thank you so much for the help with my bankruptcy. You guys really went above and beyond!”
Thomas G.
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